Hardwoods, Softwoods, Palms and Mangroves


Tree Pruning and Removal

The health and vitality of your trees is maximized through proactive maintenance which represents most of our business. While we never default to the removal of trees, removal may be recommended if it represents a significant risk to people or property, is damaged or declining, or for a host of other reasons. ARBORx can advise our customers with all potential options.

We adhere to ISA pruning standards so you can be assured that we are minimizing the stress to your trees, while meeting your pruning objectives.

Our clients count on us for the periodic trimming and maintenance of their hardwoods. Our crews are experienced in all aspects of tree trimming and removal and our crews are ACRT Line Certified Arborists. We have the heavy equipment necessary to handle the largest projects safely, efficiently, and dependably.


Expert Care

Typical Pruning Objectives may include: Vista Pruning to restore or establish views, Lifting over lawns and roadways, Hazardous limb removal, Clearance away from roofs or other structures, Restoration from improper pruning or natural damage Training of young trees for health and structure. Our crews are fully licensed and equipped to handle trees of any height or diameter and our experienced climbers are ACRT Line Certified Arborists. We offer stump grinding, and full stump and root removal options.

Palm Tree Trimming and Removal

Expert Care & Sterilization

ARBORx trims thousands of palms each year and we are deeply experienced in all the major species located in our State. Our crews are fully insured to handle trees of any height and our experienced climbers are ACRT Line Certified Arborists allowing them to safely work in close proximity to power equipment. We simplify maintenance and ensure the health of palms with many of our commercial clients electing a pre-determined schedule for either annual, or twice annual trimming. ** In addition to the aesthetic benefit of frequent trimming, this approach also ensures that our Arborists are on site at least once each year to help spot diseased or struggling trees for remediation or removal. We are trained in isolation practices to avoid spreading disease from palm to palm while trimming. As production trimmers, we are in and out quickly, minimizing the disruption to your community. We offer both flush cut and full stump grinding options. **Annual contracts have other benefits as well as detailed in our contract options. We trim to your specification to include the following scope items: Standard Clock Face Cuts Booting if required, Seed, Pod, Fruit, and Coconut Removal (for appearance and safety), Sterilization of saws and tools to minimize the spread of disease

Stump Grinding and Root Removal and Management
After a tree has fallen or has been removed, ARBORx stands ready to finish the job with safe, professional, and complete stump and root removal services. We have the specialized tools and experience to prepare the site for re-planting, sod, or any other surfacing required by the client. There are several good reasons property managers and owners should take the extra step to either grind or completely remove a stump or root ball in addition to increasing the beauty and natural flow of your landscape. Service Options Include: Standard Stump Grinding service provides up to 8 inches below surface grade, Deep Stump Grinding service provides up to 18 inches below surface grade, Root ball removal service will dislodge and remove the root ball entirely, the ideal solution for replanting trees in the same spot.

Mangroves Trimming and Maintenance

Permits and Certification

Mangroves are protected by Florida Statute and remain a vital part of our coastal ecosystem, protecting our shorelines from hurricanes and natural erosion caused by changing tides and providing important habitats for hundreds of living creatures. Trimming them safely and legally requires experience in both obtaining permits, and of course expertise and care in the trimming process. ARBORx is proud to be designated as providing Professional Mangrove Trimming Services by the State of Florida and we also hold our Professional Mangrove Trimming Certification from Sarasota County.

Trimming Factset

Trimming And Maintenance Takeaways…

Custom Assessments

Our Tree Care Professionals will determine the best trimming strategies for your individual trees

Expert Care

All of our arborists participate in a minimum of 1 week of training each year to keep up with the latest approaches to keeping your trees healthy and beautiful


Processes and procedures to protect and prevent the spread disease.


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