Removal, Emergency, and Land Clearing

Storm Clean-up, Emergency and Land clearing

Expedited Care

At ARBORx Service, Inc. we consider ourselves first responders after a storm. On the road with a single crew operating the day after Hurricane Irma struck, we provided emergency clearance for several of our contracted customers**. Despite having no power at our headquarters location in Sarasota, we had another full crew operating 2 days after the storm, and our remaining crews fully operational after 5 days.

We possess the equipment, dispatching processes and training to respond quickly, efficiently and safely in the aftermath of a storm. **Clients who hold annual contracts for trimming get guaranteed first response benefits after a storm.

Storm Clean-up and Emergency Services
We know that after the storm clears the pressure is just beginning for our customers, their professional property managers, and their boards to get things back to normal as soon as possible. ARBORx offers the following services specifically targeted at storm recovery. Tree removal and carting for fallen and leaning trees.

Priority Driveway and road clearance
Emergency sidelining to restore Right-of-Way Stump grinding and (uprooted) root removal and carting Debris clean-up and removal (performed after all emergency work has been completed) Working on storm damaged properties can be challenging and dangerous.

As ACRT Certified line clearance arborists, our crews are trained to spot typical hazards including: Electrical hazards caused by downed or pinned lines, or other electrified elements such as fences and guard rails. Uprooted trees- where part of the root system is out of the ground Springpoles- trees under tension from the top being bent over. Trees lodged in or on other trees or on structures. Hangers- branches or treetops hanging above ground which may fall during clean-up. See our customer story:”Back in Business. Hurricane Irma and the Plantation Golf and Country Club” Land Clearing Services

We combine our specialized equipment and our knowledge of trees to provide our customers with a more “surgical” approach to land clearance. We are often asked to clear large lots of all trees, or in some cases of only certain species, or only invasive species. We provide these services with minimal guidance and predictable results.

Clean-up Facts

Emergency, we are here to help…

First Responders

ARBORx considers itself a first response company!

Expert Care

We have experience in clearing hazardous trees and helping our customers in the aftermath of any weather emergency

Storm Crews

Storm Recovery Plans, Emergency Services, and Storm Clean-up


Our contract customers can count on our ultimately restoring their property as it was through our stated emergency response procedures (guaranteed in our multi-year contracts)


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