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About Us

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In The Event of an emergency
If you are in need of emergency services associated with hurricane Ian, please call us at 941-927-1177 or text us at our emergency hot line number: 941-957-8311

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About Us
ARBORx Tree Services strives to be your Full-Service Tree Company providing high quality and dependable palm trimming, hardwood pruning, and removal services. Our Tree Health Services Division offers diagnosis and treatments to protect your significant investment in trees and palms. We are dedicated to the health, beauty and safety of commercial, residential and municipal properties. Licensed throughout the State of Florida, our A Rated insurance ensures that your business risk is minimized, while we maximize the value of your property investment.

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Our Mission
We provide our customers with the highest quality tree services to maximize the beauty and value of their property.

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ARBORx operates at the highest levels of honesty, integrity, and respect in our relationships with customers, suppliers, municipal authorities, and our crews. We ensure the growth and longevity of our Company through repeat and referral business achieved by exceeding customer expectations in all areas including safety, efficiency, attention to detail, and quality performance. We strive to be the most professional service provider in our industry, by attracting and retaining the best talent, offering the best working conditions, training and compensation, and acting in the best interest of the communities we serve.


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Our Team Advantage
We are a woman owned business serving more than 800 active commercial and municipal customers and take pride in our credentials, certifications, and affiliations. We actively participate in both our industry and local communities.
ISA Certified Arborists, Professional Mangrove Trimmer Certifications, Utility Line Clearance Certifications, Lawn and Ornamental Pesticide Certifications, Best Management Practices Certified for Florida Green Industries, Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), Community Association Institute (CAI), Charter Membership of Sunshine State Biomass Cooperative Supporting Direct Recycling

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Our Customers
We are a Woman Owned, Best-In-Class Service Business and we strive to be your single source of tree and palm health and maintenance.
Our customers know us for being professional, and our 100 per cent “make it right” policy gives every ARBORx customer the assurance that we will meet and exceed their expectations, regardless of the circumstances. We carry best-in-class insurance, and hold our teams to high standards of quality, cleanliness, and safety.

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Commercial Customers
Professional Property Managers Developers
Retailers and Business Owners

Municipal Customers
Government Buildings and Campuses Parks and Beaches
Medians and Right-of Way Universities, Schools and Libraries

Recreation Customers
Golf and County Clubs Entertainment Venues Stadiums and Museums
Distinguished Residences

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Arborist Assessments and Tree Health Services Tree Health diagnosis and treatments – ARBORx standard and customized trunk or root injection services can help ensure the beauty and longevity of your most important trees and palms. Our gold and silver programs are a cost effective and efficient way to ensure maximum results. Healthy Trees do not only enhance the beauty of your property; they also minimize hazards and risks associated with trees that may decline due to age, disease, pests or other causes. Our Certified Arborists can effectively diagnose the health of your trees. Catching symptoms early is important to increase the chances for recovery.

Tree Pruning and Removal
The health and vitality of your trees is maximized through proactive maintenance which represents most of our business. While we never default to the removal of trees, removal may be recommended if it represents a significant risk to people or property, is damaged or declining, or for a host of other reasons. ARBORx can advise our customers with all potential options.

TO BE ADDED – Added – We adhere to ISA pruning standards so you can be assured that we are minimizing the stress to your trees, while meeting your pruning objectives. We have the heavy equipment necessary to handle the largest projects safely, efficiently, and dependably.

TO BE DELETED – DELETE We trim to your specifications, or you can select from these standard services: Lifting for DOT clearance Limb Removal Shaping Aerating Cleaning and De-mossing

TO BE ADDED – Replaced with: Typical Pruning Objectives may include: Vista Pruning to restore or establish views Lifting over lawns and roadways Hazardous limb removal Clearance away from roofs or other structures Restoration from improper pruning or natural damage Training of young trees for health and structure

TO BE DELETED – DELETE – Whether we are working on a municipal right-of-way, in a shopping center, or in a park or office complex, ARBORx will get the job done exactly the way you want it – when you want it. Our crews are fully licensed and equipped to handle trees of any height or DBH and our experienced climbers are ACRT Line Certified Arborists.

TO BE DELETED – DELETE – We schedule work to minimize disruption and are fully capable of working multiple shift or night only crews if necessary.

TO BE DELETED – DELETE – We own all of our own equipment, meaning we can quickly schedule and complete any project. Our MOT Certified crews will plan and execute complex projects to FDOT standards.

We offer stump grinding, and full stump and root removal options.

Palm Tree Trimming and Removal ARBORx trims thousands of palms each year and we are deeply experienced in all the major species located in our State. Our crews are fully insured to handle trees of any height and our experienced climbers are ACRT Line Certified Arborists allowing them to safely work in close proximity to power equipment. We simplify maintenance and ensure the health of palms with many of our commercial clients electing a pre-determined schedule for either annual, or twice annual trimming. ** In addition to the aesthetic benefit of frequent trimming, this approach also ensures that our Arborists are on site at least once each year to help spot diseased or struggling trees for remediation or removal. We are trained in isolation practices to avoid spreading disease from palm to palm while trimming. As production trimmers, we are in and out quickly, minimizing the disruption to your community. We offer both flush cut and full stump grinding options. **Annual contracts have other benefits as well as detailed in our contract options. We trim to your specification to include the following scope items: Standard Clock Face Cuts Booting if required Seed, Pod, Fruit, and Coconut Removal (for appearance and safety) Sterilization of saws and tools to minimize the spread of disease Stump Grinding and Root Removal and Management After a tree has fallen or has been removed, ARBORx stands ready to finish the job with safe, professional, and complete stump and root removal services. We have the specialized tools and experience to prepare the site for re-planting, sod, or any other surfacing required by the client. There are several good reasons property managers and owners should take the extra step to either grind or completely remove a stump or root ball in addition to increasing the beauty and natural flow of your landscape.

TO BE DELETED – DELETE THIS SECTION. The most important reasons property managers and owners should take the extra step to either grind or completely remove a stump or root ball include: Minimize risk and maximize safety- Even when flush cut, stumps can become tripping hazards over time as surrounding soil settles and landscapers continually trim the base.

Service Options Include: Standard Stump Grinding service provides up to 8 inches below surface grade Deep Stump Grinding service provides up to 18 inches below surface grade Root ball removal service will dislodge and remove the root ball entirely, the ideal solution for replanting trees in the same spot Storm Clean-up, Emergency and Land clearing At ARBORx Service, Inc. we consider ourselves first responders after a storm. On the road with a single crew operating the day after Hurricane Irma struck, we provided emergency clearance for several of our contracted customers**. Despite having no power at our headquarters location in Sarasota, we had another full crew operating 2 days after the storm, and our remaining crews fully operational after 5 days. We possess the equipment, dispatching processes and training to respond quickly, efficiently and safely in the aftermath of a storm. **Clients who hold annual contracts for trimming get guaranteed first response benefits after a storm. Storm Clean-up and Emergency Services We know that after the storm clears the pressure is just beginning for our customers, their professional property managers, and their boards to get things back to normal as soon as possible. ARBORx offers the following services specifically targeted at storm recovery. Tree removal and carting for fallen and leaning trees Priority Driveway and road clearance Emergency sidelining to restore Right-of-Way Stump grinding and (uprooted) root removal and carting Debris clean-up and removal (performed after all emergency work has been completed) Working on storm damaged properties can be challenging and dangerous. As ACRT Certified line clearance arborists, our crews are trained to spot typical hazards including: Electrical hazards caused by downed or pinned lines, or other electrified elements such as fences and guard rails Uprooted trees- where part of the root system is out of the ground Springpoles- trees under tension from the top being bent over Trees lodged in or on other trees or on structures Hangers- branches or treetops hanging above ground which may fall during clean-up See our customer story:\”Back in Business. Hurricane Irma and the Plantation Golf and Country Club\” Land Clearing Services We combine our specialized equipment and our knowledge of trees to provide our customers with a more \”surgical\” approach to land clearance. We are often asked to clear large lots of all trees, or in some cases of only certain species, or only invasive species. We provide these services with minimal guidance and predictable results.

Mangrove Trimming and Maintenance Mangroves are protected by Florida Statute and remain a vital part of our coastal ecosystem, protecting our shorelines from hurricanes and natural erosion caused by changing tides and providing important habitats for hundreds of living creatures. Trimming them safely and legally requires experience in both obtaining permits, and of course expertise and care in the trimming process. ARBORx is proud to be designated as providing Professional Mangrove Trimming Services by the State of Florida and we also hold our Professional Mangrove Trimming Certification from Sarasota County.

TO BE DELETED – DELETE: Mangrove trimming is the term used to describe trimming mangrove branches, twigs, limbs, and foliage, but does not mean to remove, defoliate or destroy the mangroves in any way. Trimming can never include the cutting of aerial roots. Ask us to come on-site to understand your needs and help you assess the viability of your project quickly based on our years of experience caring for mangroves.”; CHANGES MADE IN FIRST APPEARANCE ABOVE Our Customers Our customers know us for being professional, and our 100 per cent “make it right” policy gives every ARBORx Customer the assurance that we will meet and exceed their expectations, regardless of the circumstances. We carry best-in-class insurance, and hold our teams to high standards of quality, cleanliness and safety, which makes us your low risk Tree Service Provider.

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Recreational Customers After Hurricane Irma devastated dozens of trees on our Panther and Bobcat courses, we turned to our tree services provider, ARBORx Services for help. At times they mobilized two or three crews working simultaneously, and within days we were the first club in the area to re-open for play. Within 30 days we were essentially cleaned up from the storm. ARBORx’s response proved their commitment to our partnership and property. They were outstanding! Thomas J. Noyes, CCM, CCE General Manager and Chief Operating Officer Plantation Golf & Country Club

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What Our Customers Say about us
I don’t know any company more concerned with customer satisfaction than ARBORx. Prompt, actually ahead of schedule, called first to make sure someone was home. You took on a big tree project and did a great job. I don’t think there was a twig left on the ground. Thanks again for a job well done. • Larry K. My greatest claim to fame as a property manager is the work ARBORx did for us. The property looks spectacular and you really went above and beyond. You did an excellent job! • Pat N.

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Service Options
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Annual Contract
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Silver and Gold Trunk Injection Programs
Individual Trunk Injections
48 Hour Proposals
As Needed Scheduling
Pre-scheduled Trimming (includes weekends/evenings)
Priority Removals
Capped Annual Increases
Account Management
Priority Storm and Emergency Services

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Why keep your trees trimmed? We rarely get reports of trees begging to be trimmed, and as property owners and managers we don’t always prioritize the needs of these valuable assets, but perhaps we should. I know what you’re thinking, and sure we are not necessarily unbiased, but at the same time we have certainly seen what can happen when trees are neglected, and the results can be both ugly AND expensive. Here are 5 great reasons to maintain your trees on a regular basis.

1. To enhance the natural beauty, appeal, and value of a property. Numerous studies have shown that landscaping in general, and mature trees increase value, reduce time to rent or lease a property, and contribute to the overall return-on-investment of a property. Keeping your trees trimmed is the best way to maintain a clean and consistent impression for your property. For commercial properties especially, more frequent trimming can enhance visibility, reduce natural debris, and ensure that moss, seeds and fruits are controlled and eliminated where they are not wanted. *

2. To ensure the health of the tree and promote growth. Like all living things, trees are susceptible to many threats and hazards. More frequent trimming of dead branches will promote additional growth and improve the overall health of your trees. In addition, tree pruning can promote stronger root development, and even increase the chance of survival in a major wind storm. Like most living things, trees can often contract disease, and in some cases can infect other trees around them. Pruning is the best way to eliminate a disease early on, in the hopes of saving the tree.

3. To minimize hazards to people and property. For professional property managers, this is most often the number one reason to inspect and trim trees often. Trees have natural “hot spots” on their trunks that should be examined for weakness and decay, and which left un-noticed can eventually result in a tree falling. Dead branches called “hangers” can sever and fall, either immediately or over time creating a severe hazard in the drop zone. Many commercial and residential insurance companies will also require a minimum distance between trees and roof lines on commercial properties.

4. To Improve Visibility. While we love our trees, we also recognize that where trees are part of a commercial and especially a retail landscape, the name of the game is visibility. In addition to promoting the health and longevity of a tree, eliminating dead limbs, suckers, seeds, moss, fronds and other “distractions” can greatly enhance visibility and generate focus on a building or venue.

*Dr Joel B. Goldsteen, Professor of City and Regional Planning at The University of Texas at Austin published a study which explored the correlation between occupancies and architectural design variables which included Landscaping. His study concluded that landscaping ranked first as being highly correlated with commercial occupancies. “Landscaping amenities pay back the developer as evidenced by the higher occupancies (and rents) clearly justifying the investment”.

Why and When Should I use ARBORx Tree Injections? Injecting Palms is the most efficient and effective way to treat and prevent common diseases in our area. The direct application of treatments into the structure of the palm increases uptake of the product, allows for exact amounts to be administered, and avoids the runoff of compounds into our environment. Injections are immediately available to improve the health and longevity of your palms, and to prevent and reduce the impacts of common diseases. Why Inject? Palm injection offers direct placement of product where it is most needed, both accelerating and improving results

1. Supplemental Nutrition. One of the most overlooked aspect of palm care is nutrition, the main building block for maintaining palms in an urban setting. Formulas used for lawns and bushes are often counterproductive for palms. Nutrient deficiency can cause “Frizzle top” where fronds are twisted with multiple dead and yellowing fronds appearing throughout the palm’s canopy.

2. Disease Treatment and Prevention. There are many diseases affecting palms today which can be addressed in a cost-effective way to slow or stop the spread of disease. Lethal Bronzing: A mollicute, similar to bacteria, that affects common palms as well as most specimen palms, such as Canary Island, Medjool, Sylvester, Bismarck and others. Lethal Yellowing: A phytoplasma disease, this affects many species of palms located especially in open areas such as parks, fields, and golf courses. These settings attract the Plant hopper which both consume plant tissue, as well as spread disease. The only effective cure is prevention Ganoderma: A white (rot) Fungi, this produces a (rot) woody tissue. As this fungus destroys the palm wood internally. The only effective cure is prevention Weevil: A beetle larvae that can excavate holes in the trunk of a palm weakening and eventually killing the common palm and specialty palms. The only effective cure is prevention

3. While injections are not directly effective on some diseases, the general health of a tree or palm can greatly impact the trees ability to withstand initial infection. *Jerry Reiss, ARBORx Chief Operating Officer and ISA Certified Arborist

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The ARBORx Team
Joanne Reiss, President and Owner
Joanne is in her third career having previously been a successful Wall Street Analyst and Public School teacher. Her responsibilities include caring for the companies finances, customer service functions and scheduling activities.

Jerry Reiss, Chief Operating Officer and Owner
Jerry is an ISA Certified Arborist and Professional Mangrove Trimmer and is responsible for overseeing crew operations and our Tree Health Services Division, in addition to managing our largest commercial customer relationships.

Jeff Granger
Director of Tree Health Services
Jeff has been in the tree and landscape beautification and maintenance business for more than 30 years. Prior to joining ARBORx he was the Landscape Manager at Heritage Oaks Golf and Country Club in Sarasota, where he managed the common grounds and Club House Landscape. Earlier in his career Jeff held positions as a Golf Course Superintendent at several different clubs out of state including the famous Pinehurst Country Club in North Carolina where he managed both the Clubhouse landscape as well as Pinehurst #6 Golf Course Landscape . Jeff has joined the company recently and is transitioning into the leadership role of our Tree Health Services Division.

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